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Our undersink kit is easily installed within 15-20 minutes. T-pieces are available to fit all common caravan and boat plumbing systems. (Generally 15mm, 12mm, 10mm or 1/2 inch cold water pipe). The tap installs by simply drilling a 12mm hole in the benchtop. This kit comes fitted with a cleanable Doulton Ultracarb cartridge which removes all bacteria and parasites from the water plus organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals etc. This can be a life saver if stuck in remote locations, enabling you to make safe drinking water from almost any source, e.g. ditches, dams, creeks and puddles (excluding salt water). This filter also protects you from the risk of illness from contaminated water storage tanks. In these situations we recommend you bucket the water through a couple of T-shirts into a second bucket to pre-clean and remove large particles, pour it into your tank and then let your point of use filter save your trip or even your life.


The other point of use options we have here are removable benchtop filters. This especially suits a lot of caravan owners who only spend a month or so each year in the van and for the rest of the year can also enjoy the benefits of premium filtered water in their home. These units are connected in about one minute to any standard aerator thread on most taps and whilst traveling can be placed on a towel in the sink to avoid damage.


For this we recommend using one of our filter housings with the 3/4″ inlet/outlet threads shown below with two of the garden hose connectors, plus a washable sediment filter. This simply snaps in between two nylex type hose connectors on your fill up supply hose. Use of a bracket is optional. This filter will keep your tank clean and plumbing fittings protected.

Contrary to common belief it is not advised to use a carbon filter in this location, as with this practice when using town water you are removing the chlorine sterilizing agent from the water. The chlorine in your water as with a swimming pool stops the green growth and maintains a clean tank for you as you travel. It also kills any unwanted organisms that may have taken up residence after a long layup period or when having used bore or other untreated waters. On the other hand, when using untreated water, unprotected carbon filters can allow bacteria growth inside the filters themselves, thus turning your tank into a potential hazardous bacteria breeding ground. Carbon works by absorption rather than as a strainer and the volume or size of a filter should be determined by the flow rate (absorption contact time) for the application. A 10″ x 2.5″ cartridge only has enough carbon to effectively work with a 3 to 4 litre a minute flow rate. More flow equals less effective. So if you feel you have to use a carbon on your fill up hose, consider a serious up size. Filters using the word removal without an accompanying percentage rate generally only have to give a 75% performance at the specified flow rate.

Recommended External Filter Cartridge Options-

1) Pleated sediment filter- with maximum filter surface area for pre-cleaning the water entering your tank.
2) Scale Protection Filter- Incorporated with the above in a second housing and used only when Calcium scale is detected in the water
3) Iron removal Filter- Used as an extra option as above when and where you notice that the lawn sprinklers leave a red/brown stain on fences and your whites come out of the washing machine stained RED.

By fitting any of the Ceramic Doulton or Ultraceram point of use filter options shown on this page, you’ll have the best available protection against any potential contaminants and bacteria which may be found in your water source or tank.

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