Scale Removal: Omnipure Water Filter Cartidges (USA)


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Choose your Scale removal water filter from the sales drop down list. These filters are 1/2 Poly-phosphate, which removes the calcium from your water, and 1/2 carbon for removal of taste, odor and chemicals. Scale filters are recommended for use in all coffee machines, ice makers and steam ovens. They can be used for everyday potable water where it is uneconomical to install a softener. Pure poly-phosphate cartridges can either be used as pre filtration or for non potable situations such as pressure cleaners and solar hot water systems.

Cartridges that fit into standard kitchen type housings generally come in two sizes.
“9 inch” which is actually 8 3/4″ or 220 mm OR
“10 inch” which is actually 9 3/4″ or 245 mm.

In housing cartridge:

SCALE9 9″ Poly/carb PRICE: $66.00
SCALE10 10″ Poly/carb PRICE: $66.00
SCALE11 10″ Pure Poly PRICE: $110.00

Q Series threaded filter

Q5586 Q Filter PRICE: $55.00
Q-HEAD Q Head PRICE: $33.00


K2586 10″ 180 Snap-in PRICE: $55.00
SCL10 10″ 1/4 thread PRICE: $55.00
K2386 6″ 180 Snap-in PRICE: $38.50
SCL6 6″ 1/4 thread PRICE: $38.50

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-In Housing Cartridge-, SCALE9 (9"), SCALE10 (10"), SCALE11 (10"), – Q Series threaded filter -, Q5586, Q-HEAD, – Inline -, K2586 (10"), SCL10 (10"), K2386 (6"), SCL6 (6")