Water Softener


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Water Softener

Water softeners are the only guaranteed, effective way of removing calcium and magnesium from water. For general household use, we prefer to sell a light commercial twin tank unit as pictured here. The larger capacity of these units, in comparison with the single tank unit, is far more economical on salt consumption, due to less frequent backwash cycles.


Calcium and magnesium are removed from the water as it passes through the resins inside the tall tank. (Resin life is generally 7-10 years.) The volume limit of calcium and magnesium that the resin is able to effectively remove is determined by your specific hardness level. (We’ll test your water.) We pre-program your hardness level into the filter head. This unit comes with a microprocessor head, which counts litres used, and will automatically backwash itself at 2 am on the following morning after the day on which the resin’s limit has been reached. The backwash is achieved by the system drawing a salt brine solution from the squat storage tank and pumping it through the resins, shocking the resins into releasing the calcium and magnesium, and disposing of this out through a waste pipe. The filter head then goes into a rinse cycle, removing the salt bring from the resin tank and then automatically switches itself back into normal working mode. The only regular consumable item in this process is softener salt, which must be periodically added to the tank storage tank.


Twelve month warranty Prices for larger and smaller units available on request. Water hardness test is $44.00 refundable on purchase.