Zip Hydro Tap G4 All-In-One


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Boiling | Chilled |  Hot + Cold

One tap delivers boiling, chilled and filtered water with hot and cold water. 

No waiting – you have boiling water instantly, for tea, coffee, cooking. Forget bottled water – have chilled  filtered water on tap. Red lever gives boiling filtered water, blue gives filtered chilled water.  Mixer handle controls cold and hot water for cooking & plate rinsing. Connected to hot and cold incoming water. 280 x 455 x 333

Inclusive price, expertly installed in your kitchen by Zip.

Zip Model: BCHA Mains*

*Mains models connect to incoming cold water and hot water supplies.

# Choose these models if you only have a cold water supply.

Zip 0.2 replacement filter code 91290.


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