Typical arrangement for treated water.

Stage 1 – sediment prefilter of choice
Stage 2 – optional Ultra Violet sterilisation for bacteria, parasites and viruses
Stage 3 – carbon post filtration for chemical, taste and smell removal

big blue2 Big Blue 10″ and 20″ Housings

10″  single housing Part TD-232 PRICE: $88.00
10″  single *assembly Part TD-23A PRICE: $121.00
10″  dual *assembly Part TD-232D PRICE: $220.00
20″ single  housing Part TD-242 PRICE: $99.00
20″ single  *assembly Part 002528 PRICE: $121.00
20″ dual  *assembly Part 002715 PRICE: $220.00

*Assembly includes housing, bracket, screws and spanner.

$88.00$385.00Select options


Filter to 1/2″ copper fittings Part TD4218 PRICE: $23.00

$23.00Add to cart


Part 59250 PRICE: $8.80

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Stainless steel pressure gauges

Part TD-538PRICE:$27.50

$27.50Add to cart

These cartridges are available in both pleated and polyspun. A range of other micron rated sizes plus absolute rated cartridges are available on application.


TD-37   Spun 10″  1 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-45  Pleated 10″  1 micr.
PRICE: $44.00
TD-38   Spun 10″  5 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-46   Pleated 10″  5 micr.
PRICE: $44.00
TD-39   Spun 10″  20 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-48   Pleated 10″  20 micr.
PRICE: $44.00
TD-47   Pleasted 10″  50 micr.
PRICE: $44.00
TD-61   Spun 20″  1 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-54  Pleated 20″  1 micr.
PRICE: $66.00
TD-62   Spun 20″  5 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-56   Pleated 20″  5 micr.
PRICE: $66.00
TD-57   Pleated 20″  10 micr.
PRICE: $66.00
TD-63   Spun 20″  20 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-58   Pleated 20″  20 micr.
PRICE: $66.00
TD-59   Pleasted 20″  50 micr.
PRICE: $66.00

$33.00$66.00Select options

Effective for the removal of chlorine, taste and odour from treated water.


Pentek   TD102 10″  10 micr.
PRICE: $88.00
Aquapro TD105 10″  10 micr..
PRICE: $88.00
Pentek   13220 20″  10 micr..
PRICE: $88.00
Our Australian designed silver/carbon block filter can be used on rainwater without the need for pre-treatment as the silver locked within the carbon inhibits the risk of biofilm buildup on the carbon granules.
SIL/C20 20″ 10 micr
PRICE: $132.00

$44.00$132.00Select options


20″ slimeline HousingPart 71415PRICE:$77.00

Bracket for housingPart TD265PRICE:$12.10

$12.10$77.00Select options


These 20″ long by 2 3/4″ diameter slimline sediment cartridges are available in either pleated or polyspun. Also available in 30″ and 40″. Pricing on application.


TD-22   Spun 20″  1 micr.
PRICE: $16.50
TD-27  Pleated 20″  1 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-24   Spun 20″  5 micr.
PRICE: $16.50
TD-28   Pleated 20″  5 micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-29   Pleated 20″  10micr.
PRICE: $33.00
TD-26   Spun 20″  25 micr.
PRICE: $16.50
TD-31   Pleated 20″  25 micr.
PRICE: $33.00

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These 20″ long by 2 3/4″ diameter slimline carbon cartridges are available in a Puretek granular carbon (GAC) or an Aquapro carbon block.

Effective for the removal of chlorine, taste and odour.

GC202 GAC 20 micron
PRICE: $44.00
TD97 Block 10  micron
PRICE: $44.00

$44.00Select options

whole carb


Backwashing Carbon Filter

This is the common size single household filter which we custom build using only the best American made components. This filter uses a 12″x 54″ vessel with an electronic timer head. Inside there is a mixed bed gravel under bed with 50 litres of Granular Activated Carbon for the removal of tannins, organics, taste and odor. These are your only real option in situations where water quality clogs cartridge type carbon filters at an uneconomical rate. The back wash intervals on this unit are case set to suit each unique location with media life varying from around 3 years plus with chlorinated water where the range of chlorine levels will determine the carbon depletion rate, out to 10-12 years on some untreated waters.

Generally no pre-filtration is required unless with bore water needing Ultra Violet sterilization where 5 micron particle removal is required for the UV. Larger versions of this filter are available on request to suit any application.


Automatic Part WHACA PRICE: $1,980

$2,420.00Add to cart


Stainless steel bag filter

Generally for use in multiple dwelling situations.

Flow of up to 670 litres per minute, using 1 or 5 micron bags

SS Bag Filter Part BFS-2C3162BS PRICE: $3,080.00


BPG-1-2SS BAG 1 micron. PRICE:$55.00
BPG-5-2SS BAG 5 micron PRICE:$44.00
BPG-10-2SS BAG 10 micron PRICE:$44.00
BPG-25-2SS BAG 25 micron PRICE:$44.00
BPG-50-2SS BAG 50 micron PRICE:$44.00
BPG-100-2SS BAG 100 micron PRICE:$44.00

$44.00$3,080.00Select options


 Whole house Ultra Violet sterilisation unit

For protection against all bacteria and viruses upto 45Lpm flow rate.

$990.00Add to cart


Part C50 – 50 gal (194L) per minute flow       PRICE: $682.00

Part C75 – 75 gal (291L) per minute flow        PRICE: $891.00


Bag Product Code
Bag Size (microns) C50 $17.60 C75 $33.00
1 3651981 36519310
5 3651924 36519240
25 3651925 36519250
50 3651926 36519260
800 36519265 36519266

$17.60$891.00Select options