The water filter shop (T.D.Hatrick & Co) offers either, in store at 93 Ingham Road Townsville, or here online a comprehensive range of quality American made and world sourced premium grade water  filtration products along with (What we wouldn’t use personally) some identified discount lines for the budget conscious.

We have the full range of fridge filters for Australia and Australian fridges, sediment filters, Carbon filters, multi-media filters, alkalizers and many other specialty filters for bacteria, parasites, heavy metals,  iron, calcium, nitrates, organic and inorganic chemical removal for requirements ranging from household to laboratory quality water situations.

Kits are available in bench top, under sink or whole house applications.

Commercial grade water boilers, coolers and ice makers to suit every domestic or commercial situation are available.

We offer total solution options for families, farming properties, stations, industry and mines using bore, rain, dam or river water.

We have a real shop front business trading since 1985 where you can talk to real people on the phone with real experience who will give you genuine honest advice. Being a family business locally in Townsville for thirty years we pride ourselves on our customer service and appreciation from satisfied customers. Owning our own premises and having worked from the same building for so many years, the consideration and stress of screwing over customers with cheap inferior products isn’t an option or hassle we ever need or contemplate. You don’t survive in business in one location for so long without having your customers  best interest always at heart and being so deeply rooted in the community we can’t just sell junk , change our website, phone or address, we’re here for the long hall and don’t only want to look after you but also you children when they grow up and your children’s children.

With water filtration like most things in life you get what you pay for.
We look forward to doing business with you and improving your drinking water standard and enhancing you and your families quality of life.