Doulton Ultracarb Benchtop

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Doulton Slimline Chrome Compact Series

2 years warranty

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Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Benchtop

2 years warranty

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Stoneware Gravity Purifier

8 Litre

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double_and_triple Benchtop filters are either available as double or triple assemblies. Alternatively, the components can be added on to our existing kits so as to incorporate special application cartridges into your system. Typical applications would be for the addition of the following specialist filters:

  • Iron Reduction
  • Calcium Reduction
  • Fluoride Reduction
  • Nitrate Reduction
  • Water Alkalizing/Mineralizing
  • Pre Filtration for sediment or bacteria protection of expensive final filters , or to extend cleaning intervals on ceramic filters when dirty water conditions exist.

NOTE: See all available specialty filters in the filter cartridge section.

ADD-ON COMPONENTS FOR UPGRADING YOUR EXISTING BENCHTOP FILTER. Please select your required filter cartridges from the filter cartidges area, after selecting from your upgrade components below.


Filter housing 9″ OR 10″ housing

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P1000627 1/4″ Joining Nipple

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P1000626 Twin BT Base

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P1000625 Triple BT Base

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Filter 1

Filter 2

DBT04 Pre Filter Doulton
DBT05 Ceramic Aquaspace
DBT07 Scale/Calcium Doulton
DBT08 Ceramic Scale/Calcium/Carbon
DBT10 Doulton Alkalizer/Mineralizer

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Triple bench filter


Filter 1

Filter 2

Filter 3

TBT01 Ceramic Iron Aquaspace
TBT02 Ceramic Nitrate Aquaspace
TBT03 Ceramic Scale/Calcium Aquaspace

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Doulton, a company more commonly recognised for their fine china has been a leading name in drinking water filtration for over 150 years. The Ultracarb is a ceramic cartridge for use as a pre-filter for the removal of parasites and bacteria, which also internally has a specially formulated carbon block and ion exchange filter, which enables it to remove an extensive range of chemicals and heavy metals from the water. This core of this filter has a five thousand litre life which generally translates to 18 months for a family of four. When the water flow slows you simply remove the cartridge, scrub off the discoloured outer layer and re-install. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits the growth of bacteria. Doulton holds accreditation from the World Health Organisation, National Sanitation Foundation, EPA and a long list of other health departments in numerous countries throughout the world.  

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AQUASPACE (Our most effective and popular filter)

Developed by NASA to far exceed the contaminant removal abilities of any other filter, whilst leaving in beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Having to develop a filtration media capable of protecting against potential radioactive contamination and in emergencies for astronauts to produce potable water from urine, has given the AQUASPACE unique features for the removal of organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, nitrates, herbicides, pesticides and many other contaminates. NASA regards this filter as one of the most successful adaptations of space age technology to benefit every day human life. One gram of the AQUASPACE media has a surface area of 2000 sq metres, hence its superior absorption capabilities. Healthy, good tasting water for drinking, cooking, making ice, tea and coffee for under 3 cents a litre. When tested by an independent lab in the USA, Washington DC water, (Reportedly contaminated with lead and toxic chemicals) after being filtered through an AQUASPACE cartridge was shown to have comparable purity and taste characteristics when compared with Evian ® Bottled water

3800 litres or 12 month life (When protected by a pre filter).

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