We specialise in custom built or off-the-shelf filtration, pumping or recycling systems – for mining camps, commercial swimming pools, military applications, stations and properties, small villages or industry.
Large remote water coolers for drinking and/or pre-cooling for icemakers in extremely hot conditions. A range of coolers are also available for industrial processes. For our full range of drinking water coolers and fountains click on the link on our home page.
Containerised pump and filtration plants
Premium Quality European Made Ice Machines for every Application
We have a full range available of self contained and modular
ice makers or flakers. Click here for sizing guide and pricing.


In 2008 we built this extremely user friendly fully automated water plant for Burketown, incorporating numerous backup systems for any anticipated situation in remote and potential cyclonic areas.

Deep bed sand filters for sediment and alum removal

Automatic backwashing heads for the sand filters, Ultraviolet units and triple pump set for town supply for 400 people

ORP chlorine and ph monitoring and control unit , tank circulating pumps in the background.

ABS pipework and new 400,000 litre storage tank
This is a typical smaller custom built user friendly version of the above system supplying potable water for a 150 man mine site in North Queensland.Water filtration plants designed and built for any water supply quality and location in Australia and the South Pacific. There is no need to get caught up in over complicated, hard to manage systems.
This very economically priced 30 lpm cleanable, bacteria proof Dalton ceramic filter is very popular with small mine and exploratory camps.

Custom built containerised purification and potable water pressure systems to suit any size mobile or permanent mining camp.

Upstream ultraviolet systems. Click on image for PDF brochure with details
Fully validated Hallett ultraviolet systems.Click on image for PDF brochure with details
Custom built alum powder mixers and dosing pumps
Stainless steel alum flocking plants built to sizefor any application
Custom built filters and ABS or PVC pipework
Sand and media filters
Automatic Water Softeners and media filters
Water Softeners
Pump types and sizes for all applicataions
Built to size pump sets with automatically controlled ramping & variable speed to maintain constant pressure and eliminate hammer
UV- Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems
Bag filtration Systems
Oxidation Reduction Potential Systems (ORP) forautomated monitoring and dosing for chlorine and PH levels
316 Stainless steel bag filtersand chemical dosers
2Lpm Reverse Osmosis Filter kit with bacteria proof 30Lpm Doulton ceramic prefiltration. Ideal and economically priced for small mining and exploration camps.

RO- Reverse Osmosis units ranging from small compact units to large skid mounted or containerised

2Lpm Reverse Osmosis unit: Ideal for chemical mixing, radiators, batteries, medical and other demineralized water applications.

The 2LPM RO unit can be skid mounted with pump and extra pre and or post filtration. This unit fitted with an ion exchange post filter for use by the CSIRO.
Containerised Reverse Osmosis plants rangingfrom 5000 lpd to 2.5 megalitres per day
Typical lab or commercial Reverse Osmosisprocess water plant.
Custom Built Tanks

Protect your crews in the bush with our range of portable filters

and water sterilising liquid or tablets. Click to view.