Carbon Filters

If you require a replacement cartridge that we don’t stock, please call in at the shop, phone or email us with the make and model of your filter , and we should be able to order one in at a competitive price.

Cartridges that fit into standard kitchen type housings generally come in two sizes.
“9 inch” which is actually 8 3/4″ or 220 mm OR
“10 inch” which is actually 9 3/4″ or 245 mm.
All filters are rated on a nominal scale which, on a good quality filter, means the pore size can be up to 4 times larger than the real “absolute” rated size. On cheap imported filters, the real pore size can be anything up to 100 times larger.

Don’t be fooled into buying a filter because of its advertised micron rating unless it has available a certified absolute rating.

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