Doulton Ultimate CARAVAN/BOAT System (pipe connection not inc.)


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This undersink kit is easily installed within 15-20 minutes. The T-piece for branching off your main cold water line needs to be identified and purchased separately, all common caravan and boat plumbing adapters are shown at the top of the main Boat & Caravan page. The tap installs by simply drilling a 12mm hole in the benchtop. This kit comes with a cleanable Doulton Ultracarb 9″ cartridge, which removes all bacteria and parasites from the water plus organic and inorganic chemicals. This is a life saver if stuck in remote locations, enabling you to make safe drinking water from almost any source, e.g. ditches, dams, creeks and puddles (excluding salt water). This filter also protects you from the risk of illness from contaminated water storage tanks. Best of all the ceramic outer layer can be cleaned, restoring a blocked filter back to full flow.

A white plastic spanner for ease of undoing housings can be purchased separately if required.