Omnipure Inline Filters (USA Made)




External fridge or water cooler filters – Suitable for all refrigerators that
have a filter outside, at the back of the fridge, or in a nearby cabinet

Utilizing the latest technology available for fridges, this filter is sourced directly from the USA manufacturer and replaces several changes to the external filter that have occurred over the past few years.

12 month life depending on water quality. Chlorine, taste and odor removal. Available in either 180 or 90 degree end connections

The non-threaded snap in filters include the latest high compression push fittings allowing it to adapt to all 1/4″ plastic or copper tubing and dramatically reducing the risk of leaks. These push fit filters are suitable for upgrading old style filters with retaining nuts on the hose connection. The snap in outlets are available in either 180 degree straight out or 90 degree right angle end connections.

INSTALLATION PROCESS– The hygiene seals in the fittings are removed as with your tube, by compressing the outer ring inwards and at the same time pulling on the tube. Be sure to observe the flow direction arrow on the filter when installing. Push your 1/4″ tube coming from the wall tap firmly into the hole on the inlet side, turn the supply tap on slowly to flush the filter into a bucket till the water is clean. Then finally push home into the filter your outlet tube. If the end of you tube isn’t totally smooth allowing for an optimal seal on the oring inside the filter, cut it back to obtain fresh material.

K2540SS 10″ 90 degree Snap-in, 5 micron PRICE: $44.00
K2540BB 10″ 1/4″ thread, 5 micron PRICE: $44.00
K2505JJ 10″ 180 degree Snap-in, 5 micron PRICE: $44.00
K5520JJ 10″ Larger capacity, 180 degree, 1 micron PRICE: $66.00



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K2540SS, K2540BB, K25050JJ, K5520JJ, TD-37