Alternate Premium Twin and Alkalizer Undersink kit with our easy install plumbing kit


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Undersink filters are either available as double or triple assemblies. Alternatively, the components can be added on to our existing kits so as to incorporate special application cartridges into your system.

Typical applications would be for the addition of the following specialist filters:

  • Iron Reduction
  • Calcium Reduction
  • Fluoride Reduction
  • Nitrate Reduction
  • Water Alkalizing/Mineralizing
  • Pre Filtration for sediment or bacteria protection of expensive final filters , or to extend cleaning intervals on ceramic filters when dirty water conditions exist.


Filter 1

Filter 2

DBT01EA Fluoride Aquaspace
DBT02EA Fluoride Doulton
DBT04EA Pre Filter Doulton
DBT05EA Ceramic Aquaspace
DBT06EA Scale/Calcium Aquaspace
DBT07EA Scale/Calcium Doulton
DBT08EA Ceramic Scale/Calcium/Carbon
DBT09EA Pre Filter Scale/Calcium/Carbon