Backwashing Carbon Filter


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This is the common size single household filter which we custom build using only the best American made components. This filter uses a 12″x 54″ vessel with an electronic timer head. Inside there is a mixed bed gravel under bed with 50 litres of Granular Activated Carbon for the removal of tannins, organics, taste and odor. These are your only real option in situations where water quality clogs cartridge type carbon filters at an uneconomical rate. The back wash intervals on this unit are case set to suit each unique location with media life varying from around 3 years plus with chlorinated water where the range of chlorine levels will determine the carbon depletion rate, out to 10-12 years on some untreated waters.

Generally no pre-filtration is required unless with bore water needing Ultra Violet sterilization where 5 micron particle removal is required for the UV. Larger versions of this filter are available on request to suit any application.

Automatic Part WHACA PRICE: $2,420