Diverter Valve for Bench Top filter, pull pin type


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These diverter valves operate by firstly tuning on your cold water tap and then whilst the water is running, then pulling on the knob to divert the flow from sink outlet to your filter. To stop the flow of filtered water you simply turn off the cold tap at your sink and the spring loaded pin will return. These valves are good in the respect that they cant be left turned on, which can offer a risk of the next person to use the sink unknowingly turning on the hot tap and potentially damaging your filter. The down side is you must inform family and guests not to attempt to turn off the filter by pushing in the pin as this can damage the internal o-ring. Some ceramic filters will cause a slight delay in the pin return time.

This diverter screws onto most standard taps which have a male thread available after removing the aerator. If you haveĀ  a female thread, one of our 47300 adapters will be required.