1. SD5 Benchtop Cooler


(Available in Hot & Cold or Cold & Cool)

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Choose either Cold and Cool or Hot and Cold options from the sales drop down list.

These are a commercial grade cooler used by most rental companies because of their reliability and long service life. They come with a comprehensive three year warranty.

We often have customers coming into buy a second machine after handing down to their kids the old one they bought off us 10 or 15 years ago. To avoid the constant break down woes of a lot of the cheap junk around, at the end of the day with water coolers you get what you pay for.

After purchasing your new cooler please follow the step by step pictures for your initial and periodic cooler clean process. Always slowly run water through your chosen filter into a bucket to flush it out till clear before connecting the cooler inlet line.

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Cold and Cool, Hot and Cold