Deluxe Plumbing Kit, for Mains Cooler Connection to 1/2″ Copper Pipe


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Choose the cooler you are connecting to from the sales drop down list to determine the right unit end connections.

This Deluxe Plumbing Kit contains all your required components including an Ominpure carbon block filter for making a Mains Cooler connection to standard 1/2″ Copper Pipe.

The kit includes, Brass “T” , 1/2″ nipple, 1/2″ ballvalve, 350 KPA pressure limiting valve, John Guest fitting, 2 meters of 3/8″ tube (1/4″ for D5 models), plus John Guest and or required fittings for connection to your specific cooler being-

ZIP- (1/2′ Main connection on cooler) John Guest 1/2″ BSP to 3/8 tube adaptor and JG 3/8″ elbow as pictured

RM30- (1/2″ female connection on cooler) Chrome brass 1/2″ to 1/4 reducing bush and JG elbow to 3/8 hose

D5- (1/4″ tube coming from cooler) JG 1/4″ straight joiner

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ZIP, RM30, D5


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